mardi 15 janvier 2013, par 02 Antonio Palomino

Yes, once, a few years ago, I had a dream. She (my beloved), came from an initiatory tradition. I, on the contrary, I began my journey into the spiritual world falling into a motley crew. They ranged from normal people with real spiritual capacities,until charlatans who only wanted to live of the unwary Among the latter was my "teacher", to who I not deny certain skills, I have to reproach that always wanted to appropriated my personal life, wanting to take advantage of certain weaknesses suffered emotional at the time and, especially, rejecting me publically when neither I nor my beloved we conform to their interests. At that moment, in my mind was forged that dream, seemed a utopia : the unification of both worlds, the my beloved one and mine. At the end and supposedly in both it pretended the same thing : the spiritual uplift of mankind, the union of Heaven and Earth ... It seemed impossible. In my world, the idea was to retire young, get a pension and not engage in work more, charging for healings, house cleanings, healing workshops, etc., etc ... In the world of my beloved, dominated power struggles, ostentation, pageantry and also the charges by capitas, lodges and memberships. As more ostentatious, better was the Order in question. None of that was true spirituality. In my world, they built shelters waiting for the end of the world in 2012, if the mother ship did not arrive in time to rescue the "chosen". In the world of my beloved, as they considered the "chosen", they had the full assurance that they were going to save. They hoped to have at least enough money to achieve salvation. Again, it seemed impossible. I have to publicly thank Xavier Font i Garreta (at the end one of my kids), the momentum, the desire to organize the Convent of Orders in Andorra. Thanks to his desire we went ahead and that was a turning point in what is now a reality. After that event and with the base of the UMU, the UME was created with the intention of grouping under it, all Masonic and para-Masonic orders of the world. A month and a half later, it has been the integration of many lodges and groups around the world, which main bond of union, is the blind belief that "Knowledge and Wisdom should be Free and Universals." We have gained the recognition and support of the leading representatives of the world’s most important groups under the slogan of Universal Free, something that has never been achieved before, but you can still do more, and so we are continually doing Magic. My dream is being fulfilled. Thank you all for it. You make me happy every day of my life.

Make your will and that will be the only law !

Love under Will !

Make your will and no one will say, or will can’t say no !

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